Commonwealth Data Systems, Inc.

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We are an employee owned consulting firm, specializing in custom software development, namely Relational Database Systems implemented in DELPHI, C++, Pascal, Paradox, Access, and Foxpro. Check out our BookStore!

We provide consulting services, applying our mainframe and minicomputer problem solving expertise to the full range of computer systems problems. Our offices are located in Reston, Virginia (outside of Washington, DC).

Our demo application is a handy tool for disk searches for help files or multi-media files. It simplifies reviewing on-line help files, as well as multimedia files such as most graphic files (pcx, bmp, gif, jpg, tif), wav files, and with the microsoft video for windows run-time, several animation files (mov, avi).

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  • Check out our BookStore!
  • An overview of the services we provide:
  • Year 2000 Problem Solutions.
  • BDC'96 Proceeedings, Tech Info.
  • Download the latest BDE
  • See our Joint Ventures page..
  • Sample application. Handy File Browser. Free..
  • Check out our observations on E-Mail and privacy..
  • Hear why we think you should NOT contract programming overseas.
  • Rebuttal to negative email regarding overseas contract programming..
  • Borland International's Home Page.

    Or, to contact us directly, send Email to [email protected] This document was prepared by Larry Bradshaw, Reston, Virginia, USA.
  • Of course, we highly recommend the use of PkWare's zip and unzip utilities for all files:

    PKWARE, Inc.

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